From over 20,000 herbs utilized in herbalism, we carefully selected the very few ones to support pigeons in recovery, growth, and thrive. We are thrilled to present the new PROFEED TAUBE line, which will satisfy even the most demanding expectations.

We offer the unique range of mineral, vitamin, aminoacid, and herbal products serving variety of functions: from restoring microflora after antibiotherapy, improving digestion, and regenerating respiration system to boosting immune system and many more. The overall effect focuses on enhanced flight results, including proper complex preparation for the flight and recovery aftercare.

Our motivation is driven by the relationship with our Growers while the safety and supreme results are our main Focus. Thanks to years of experience and passion for understanding the science, we are confident that our products will contribute to your success.


Thank you for being with us for 25 years.







ZESTAW  "LOTY MŁODYCH"   290,00 zł   Więcej

ZESTAW  "NA PIERZENIE"   100,00 zł     Więcej

ZESTAW  "NA ZDROWIE"   225,00 zł      Więcej