Approximate schedule of administration of PROFEED TAUBE preparations during racing pigeons



M - morning

E - evening


Product                                          Monday       Thusday     Wednesday     Thursday       Friday      Saturday     Sunday

                                                      M    E          M    E          M      E          M     E          M   E        M     E        M    E

1.ACIDIFER (1 L)                              X    X          X    X           X      X           X     X                                                    X      

2.BRONCHOFIT (250 ml)                                                                                               X   X         X                X

3.DIGESTIN (250 ml)                        X*  X*                                                                                                         X    X

4.ENERGIE ÖL (250 ml)                                                         As a binder for loose additives      

5.JODI FERROL (500 ml)                                                        X     X

6.KNOBLAUCH KRAFT (250 ml)          X     X          X    X

7.LEBER PROTECT (250 ml)              X*   X*                                                                                                         X    X


9.SPRINTER I (200 g)                                                                                                    X   X

10.SPRINTER II (200 g)                    X*   X*                                                                                                   X    X

11.MARATHON I (200 g)                                                                              X*  X*         X    X         X

12.MARATHON II (200 g)                 X*   X*                                                                                                    X    X



X *: DIGESTIN (250 ml), LEBER PROTECT (250 ml) - depending on the quality of the feces

MARATHON I (200 g), MARATHON II (200 g), SPRINTER I (200 g), SPRINTER II (200 g) -

depending on the expected difficulty of the flight and the physical form of the pigeons after the flight

BRONCHOFIT (250 ml), MARATHON I (200 g), MARATHON II (200 g), SPRINTER I (200 g), SPRINTER II (200 g), LEBER PROTECT (250 ml) or DIGESTIN (250 ml) - administer in the first water after the arrival of pigeons, after 2 hours the water should be changed.